Boat rental on the Vltava river

Experience and tradition for 24 years.

Full-service boat rental

You don’t have to run around the town to find us, just give us a call. The interest in rafting, whether on a canoe or raft, is growing every year, so do not hesitate and please yourself and your children or friends. With Boat and Raft Rental POTÁPKA you will enjoy the Vltava River with all comforts. You can sail through many beautiful and picturesque towns such as Český Krumlov, Zlatá Koruna, Rožmberk or Vyšší Brod and enjoy the views.

The price of course includes all the necessary instructions and equipment such as waterproof barrels, paddles, and detailed map with photos. You can plan the route yourself according to the photo map with the mileage of the Vltava river, or we can recommend you the perfect route according to your possibilities and experience. Of course, we will also transport you, the boat, and all the equipment to the place of your departure or from the final destination.

Experience and tradition

You've been sailing with us for 24 years

Low prices + discounts

Transport to the start, and from the finish


Make a reservation

Reservations are made only by phone between 8am and 7pm.

Start/finish points

Places where we can take you with the boat and all the equipment and where you can finish and be picked up by us.